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Date Change
Feb, 19th 2002 Updated Tetris2 in the files section, misc. maintanance...
Apr, 24th 2001 Changed e-mail address to Detlef.M[at]hamburg.de...
Nov, 17th 2000 Updated pictures page. Minor maintanance.
Nov, 06nd 2000 Updated pictures page.
Aug, 22nd 2000 Updated main & links pages.
Oct, 10th 1999 Added Tetris2 2.6 to the 49G file section. Added information to the 49G info section.
Sep, 17st 1999 Added HapaMan49 and Phoenix49 to the 49G file section. Added information and a fix for the RECLAIMDISP problem found in the '49G ROMsC#1.05 and C#1.10 to the 49G info section.
Sep, 2nd 1999 Updated SokoBan 2.1 for the 49G in the 49G file section. If you d/led it before, reload it ! There's a bad incompatibility w/ the 48/38G that is fixed in this version.
Aug, 28th 1999 Updated most pages, added a 49G file section, put SokoBan v2.1 there. Hooked the 38G memory upgrade description into the files sections navigator. More to come soon...
May, 11st 1999 Updated the sRPL ApLet frame for the '38G to v1.4.
Feb, 27th 1999 Updated the sRPL ApLet frame for the '38G to v1.3.
Feb, 6th 1999 Updated Tetris2 to v2.5. The distribution contains the '48 and the '38G version of the game ! It can be found here or here. Also updated the sRPL ApLet frame for the '38G, the archive was missing the LIB1537L.000 file, sorry.
Jan, 11st 1999 Added an sRPL ApLet template for the '38G to the Files for the HP38G section. If you're planning to write sRPL/assembler code for your '38G, you may find this one very usefull. It's easy to extend/shrink, provides a fully featured user interface and code to handle permanent internal variables (eg. highscores).
Added RPL48 v3.0 (the "Dinosaur" :-) to the Files for the HP48 section. It's a system-RPL/assembler/library development kit running on the '48 and it comes w/ source !
Nov,25th 1998 Updated SokoBan v2.0 to its final release. The archive you'll find here or here contains the '48 and the '38G version of the game, along w/ the source and an updated documentation.
Nov,16th 1998 Some minor maintainance, updated the progress information.
Nov,10th 1998 Some minor maintainance. Looks like my files page got the "Links2Go Key Resource award" -- whatever that means besides animating people to visit strange web sites... However, you'll find it at the bottom of the files page (so it doesn't disturb anyone :-). hpcvbbs.cv.external.hp.com is no longer available, so I updated the link to the new location.
Oct, 18th 1998 Updated SOKOBAN for the '48 to v2.0 on the files page
Oct, 14th 1998 Just added a new counter to the main page and corrected links to HP's calculator section.
Oct, 13rd 1998 Started using RCS for the HTML src. Cleaned up the links page, added a link to Jakes page.
Updated Diamonds38, Phoenix38 and HapaMan38 to v1.1 on the files page.
Aug, 4th 1998 I've access to the INet back ! B-)
Fixed and updated the links page. Most links should work, but I'll go through them ASAP to check that.
Aug, 1st 1998 'Wish I'd have access to the INet again... :-(
However, I've updated HapaMan38, Diamonds38 (+ source !) and added Phoenix38 to the files page.
Jul, 17th 1998 Jeez, finally found some time for an update:
- My old address (detlef@dmhh.hanse.de) isn't valid anymore :-(, so changed all references to Detlef.M[at]hamburg.de. Please update your aliases (if applicable) !
- Removed that darn-non-functioning-too-expensive-counter from the index page.
- Raymond finally got connected to the internet ! ;-) Added his address wherever his name appeares.
Nov, 9th 1997 Minor maintainance: changed Dongleware GmbH link to http://www.dongleware.de.
Oct, 23rd 1997 Added Colin's '38 page. Also added a © and source notice for the main page' logo -- sorry Meinolf, I never expected someone would notice it... :-)
The days become shorter and my provider has offered some more disk space, so expect some more page updates soon (incl. some more software ;-).
Jul, 20th 1997 Added information about how to delete the HapaMan/DIAMONDS Applets w/o clearing memory (w/o guarantees) to the files page
Jun, 26th 1997 To shorten the time 'til other releases, I've added a beta of Dougs 'DIAMONDS for the HP38G' to the files page (w/ permission). Also added a link to Jean-Yves Avenard's HP38G page. Check it out for some other '38G games !
Apr, 29th 1997 No, I didn't married my car, so I fixed that typo in the pictures page :-) (Thanx, Phil !). Hm, on the other side, maybe my car married that other one w/o my knowledge (at least it's old enough to make its own decissions...) ? ;-)
Apr, 26th 1997 After bringing my car to the street, I finally found some time for updating at least the pictures page and adding a 2nd link to Arne's & Betty's page (all new, you should take a jump !). More to come soon.
Feb, 16th 1997 Added information about the 1st bug found in HapaMan '38G v0.1 to the files page.
Feb, 15th 1997 Replaced the files, links and photo pages by table-based versions
Added information about the last possibility to see that interview (in german) to the photos page.
Feb, 14th 1997 Replaced the index page by a table-based version.
Note: I'm testing all pages w/ the following browsers: IBM Webexplorer 1.02 (800*600, 65k colors), Netscape Nav. 2.02 for OS/2 (800*600, 65k colors), Netscape Nav. 3.0 for Windoze 3.1x (1024*768, 256 colors -- at work, so checking is done 1-3 days after updates)
Feb, 13rd 1997 Added this (experimental) "What's new" page, I'm planning to redisign the other pages soon.
Changed the background image from GIF to JPG format.
Feb,12nd 1997 Linked my homepage into the HP48 Ring.
Removed the HP38G Communications page, because Steve's page is back online.
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