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On this page you will find pictures that I took w/ my digital camera. Just click on a thumbnail to load the "full size" version. The thumbnails are around 123*93 in size,~1.5k-5k each. The "big" images vary from 493*373 to 1024*768 in size, ~15k-150k each. All images are in non-progressive JPEG format.


Image Description
It's me... Well, it's me -- at work for ImTech, Inc....
 -New !-
It's me... Well, it's me again -- sitting in front of my computing environment back in Germany...
My desk My desk w/ my computing environment at that time...
My HP stuff My HP calculator »collection«, including a '28S, a '38G, three '48 (ROM E/L/R) and some supporting equipment. Lot's of stuff is missing now, I should take another photo... For the curious: I've also an HP 01, an HP 38G prototype (_very_ early...), a couple of HP49Gs (proto & new), some HP39G etc.
If you think that it's a lot, wait 'till I take a photo of Raymonds collection !-)
My home Maps by Travel Outside view of my 'appartment', located in Philomath, OR.
My exemployer Outside view of the company I was working for from 06/2000-03/2001, Firmware Systems, Inc.
My employer Outside view of the company I'm working for since 03/2001, ImTech, Inc. This is the old location, we moved in 7/2002 (see below).
Company location ImTech, Inc.'s new location in Corvallis, OR. We moved here in 7/2002.
 -New !-
My new car One of my cars I left in Germany, an Abarth 1000 OT ("Omologata Turismo") -- a racing car (this one drove mountain races 'till 1973) made in 1969.
My car w/ a brother When I came back from the registration office, someone parked his car next to mine -- wise choice... ;-)
My new car Got myself a new car in the US -- how come it's a Swedish brand ? ;-)
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