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Well, this is the usual personal links collection. From here you can jump to some HP related pages or just take a look at the stuff I'm interested in. Have fun.  -Logo-
Hewlett-Packard calculator related links
Personal links
Links of interest

Hewlett-Packard calculator related links
Hewlett-Packard itself
Hewlett-Packard: Calculators Hewlett-Packards calculators top-level page.
HP Journal 4/94 pp. 6 ZIPped PDF formated article about the HP 48G/GX from the HP Journal August 1994, Issue Volume 45 Number 4, page 6 -- "An Advanced Scientific Graphing Calculator". Read it !
HP Journal 3/96 art. 6 ZIPped PDF formated article about the HP 38G from the HP Journal June 96, article 6 -- "A Graphing Calculator for Mathematics and Science Classes". Read it !
! HP Calculator Software Archive THE software archive for the HP 49G, 48, 40G, 39G, 38G and 28S. Check it out !
The Museum of HP calculators A very complete description of HP calculators.
comp.sys.hp48 Main topic is the HP48
comp.sources.hp48 Binaries for the HP48 (sometimes...)
comp.sys.handhelds All about computer you can hold in your hand
! HP48 FAQ by André Schoorl If you are a newbie, this is your link ! Please don't bother me w/ questions like "How do I d/l stuff into my '48 ?" !
Doug Cannon's HP48 Page Doug is the author of Diamonds for the S & G series '48 and the '38G.
James Donnelly's Page Jim worked on the 48 and 38 projects in Cv. -- even he removed his calculator related stuff, you may find some interesting insights and information about his excellent books !
Jean-Yves Avenard's HP38G Page Check it out for some other games for the '38G and for some programing support !
! Colin Croft's HOME view Check it out for a fairly extensive collection of aplets, a FAQ page and a collection of links !
The HP28 WWW Archive The only HP28 page I know. Very complete, though.
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Personal links
Where I'm living
Philomath, OR I recently moved from Hamburg to the USA.
Betty's & Arnes's HomePage Besides working and having fun, Arne also does some im- and export -- along w/ other stuff, he recently (well, not that recently anymore... ;) imported a girlfriend from the States (hi Betty ;-).
On their page, Betty gives some good insights to Hamburg.
Where I'm working
ImTech, Inc. I'm working there as a software development engineer. -New !-
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Links of interest
Search engines
AltaVista Fast, big, easy to use.
Search for Public-NNTP-Server Your provider censors you ? No problem...
FTP search Looking for some files available on an ftp server ? Check this 1st.
Deja News Want to know what your neightbor is interested in ? Try this one.
Astalavista Well, a search engine for hacks & cracks...
LEO THE OS/2 archive !
OS/2 Device Driver Pak On-Line The latest drivers for OS/2 at one place online ! By IBM. Service/fixes for most IBM products. IBM software.
IBM Software IBM software. Eg. JAVA 1.6.1 for free...
OS/2 Sites Links to OS/2 related sites
c't Redaktion The only german computer magazine that rulez.
Automatic complaint-letter generator Generates very funny text.
Weird Science In one word: weird.
Don Knuth's Home Page The software pioneer.
The IOCCC C programs at its best.
The Dilbert Zone Computer cartoons.
Games Domain Computer games at its best.
The Star Trek Archive Well, I'm also a Star Trek fan :-)
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